GF2146018.jpgI am delighted you have found me on Coachview. My name is Natalia, and I am an accredited coach, ready to help you on your path to professional and personal empowerment. 

My international background (I’m Mexican/Swiss/American) and the life I have lived in very different countries has led me on a challenging but rewarding journey of continuous adaptation.  I’ve worked with different people in many diverse cultures which has fostered my deep passion for communication - the basis of all human interactions and our key to succeeding in life. We all have the potential to lead happy, harmonious, adventurous lives but it takes effort and the right mind-set to get there. I have discovered that simply being equipped with the right tools can vastly transform a person's life, but that, for many of us, these tools are often elusive when we most need them. Sometimes, we wake up and realize that we are not steering the ship we’re sailing, and the wind has taken control. I am here to help you get your hands back on the wheel and define your own path forwards, supporting you at every step along the way.

My professional career has taken me through diverse roles in the private sector and in non-profits, the various challenges of which inspired me to become a professional coach. I obtained my Certified Professional Coaching (CPC) credentials in 2015 and have been passionately coaching ever since.

Empowering others is what motivates me, bringing about positive changes in people’s lives. I believe that with some introspection, strategic thinking, support and supervision, great things can happen to anyone. Life awaits…


Free Introduction Call – No commitment, simply an opportunity for us to discuss your needs and for me to answer any queries before you decide if Coachview is right for you.

60min or 90min Coaching Sessions on Skype, in-person or on a “nature walk” in one of Geneva’s green spaces.