Live Your Best Life

We all have times in our life when we feel stuck in a rut, aware that we want change but not sure what that change looks like or how to bring it about. We find ourselves procrastinating or working extra hard to convince ourselves that the status-quo is just fine when, in fact, we know it isn’t. And with each day our confidence in our ability to change gets eroded. A personal life coach can help put you back on track. Whatever the challenge, I’ll work with you to develop a Change Empowerment Plan with defined goals and achievable milestone moments at which we’ll be able to take stock of your progress….and celebrate it! By deciding to work with me as your personal life coach, whether for a specific challenge or a longer process of self-improvement, you’ll be taking the first and most important step towards living the life you want to be living. It’s easy after that.

Personal life coaching:

  • Define your life vision
  • Clarify your personal values
  • Reconcile your professional ambitions with your values
  • Set and achieve personal development goals
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Change negative mindsets and bad habits
  • Get your message heard by those whose support you need
  • Side-step those who talk you down
  • Define and refine your personal self-worth
  • Find inner calm and happiness
  • Build and nurture healthy relationships


Free Introduction Call – No commitment, simply an opportunity for us to discuss your needs and for me to answer any queries before you decide if Coachview is right for you. 

60min or 90min Coaching Sessions on Skype, in-person or on a “nature walk” in one of Geneva’s green spaces.

Unlock the maze

Personal Coaching

Seek out and set your goals in your personal life, allowing Coachview to facilitate a step by step journey to the successful achievement of your ambitions. Ideal for anyone looking to make a change in their life and needing guidance to define an action plan that will achieve maximum results through a supportive process. My approach is designed to help you peel away your layers to get to know your true inner self, focusing a lot on your self-image and your perceptions of the world, because it’s only by knowing yourself that you can decide what you really want and how you, as a unique individual, can get it.